Out on the Town with New York’s Shanna Sharp

GayCities New York Editor JJ Keyes caught up with singer/songwriter Shanna Sharp, who not only won America’s Next Top Glamazon the other night, but is prepping to release her latest album, “Long Distance Calls From a One Night Stand,” this weekend.

Name: Shanna Sharp
Home: New York City
Hails from: Alabama
Relationship Status: Taken
Spotted on a typical New York Saturday night: The Duplex

Shanna! You’re just won America’s Next Top Glamazon! What was it like?
It was fun and intense. We had fueding drag queen judges, Hedda Lettuce and Logan Hardcore, and we all know you don’t want an angry, drunk, drag queen with a microphone. Or maybe you do but not when they’re judging you. I thought everyone really brought it and the Therapy audience was so supportive. It was a tough competition and it felt great to win.

You have a big CD coming out
I do.

Spill, girl
The hard copy CD release is November 6th with a digital release coming in early December. You can come by the Duplex Piano Bar any Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday to pick up an advance copy.

“Long Distance Calls From a One Night Stand”… Where did that come from?
The album is the story of my travels through Europe and the love affairs that followed me throughout. There were definitely some juicy ones that would make a gay boy blush.

I love Europe! Where did you go?
I was in London, Paris, Ireland, Amsterdam, and Germany. I really loved Amsterdam and not just for the obvious reasons. We stayed with a local and were there during the Queens Day festival. I met amazing people and one in particular that I returned to visit. It was a magical time and the obvious reasons probably contributed to the magic a bit. I sing about it in the track “Amsterdam.” I know, really hard to figure out that one.

Release party?
There is! The CD release concert, which is the biggest concert my band and I have had yet, will be Saturday, November 6th at Bowery Electric (Bowery btw. 2nd & 3rd streets) starting at 7pm with opening act Sarah Tracey. We take the stage at 8pm. There will be strings and horns and lots of gay men and straight women.

You are huge in New York’s Gay scene. We always love catching you at the Duplex and Stonewall. Where else do you perform?
I have been lucky enough to play Therapy and Vlada in the city but I’ve also gotten to travel gay pride festivities throughout the US.

Favorite gig?
Hmmm, that’s a tough one. After just doing a six-week run at Therapy with the Glamazon’s competition, I have to say that getting ready in the kitchen and the storage cooler is quite an experience. I think the Kitchen guys liked our costume changes, too!

Shanna Sharp concerts are jam packed with cute gay boys.  How’d you get to be such a gay magnet?
Well I’ve been told I’m a gay boy trapped in a girl’s body. And on most days I’d have to agree. I guess they like the honesty. I don’t apologize for who or how I love; or how many for that matter. And I’m not afraid to share the story. The beauty of life is the stories we create.

I always seem to run into you in the West Village. What are some of your favorite spots for dinner?
Sometimes I feel like I live there–only without the crazy rent. I love Joseph Leonard on Christopher St. and Waverly. (Although they just had a fire and are temporarily closed. Boo.) I am obsessed with Blind Tiger on Bleeker. Some of the best beer ever and really yummy sandwiches to help with sobriety.

I love that place. What’s your favorite sandwich there?
By far the Bloody Beast. A rare roast beef sandwhich on a toasted bun with melted cheese and carmalized onions w/ a horseradish cocktail sauce on the side for dipping. I could eat twelve!

Good God, me too. How about a nice spot for a low-key coffee date?
Joe coffee is great! It’s on Waverly & Gay Street. I took it as a sign it must be fabulous and it is. I’ve met for many a coffee date there with my gay and straight boys alike.

You’re in touch with the music scene.
Bartini has a really fun series with Emily MacNamara on Monday nights that features a different artist w/ guests every week. Also,Mostly Sondheim every Friday night at The Duplex from 11pm-4am is always a room full of talented and hot gay boys belting out their favorite Broadway tunes.

Any tips for what to sing or what not to sing at Mostly Sondheim?
Always sing something you are passionate about. If you really commit to the text and go for it you can’t go wrong. And plus life is short and most of the people are drunk so have fun and don’t worry if no one likes it. Just make sure you LOVE it.

Most romantic spot in New York?
I’m not sure if many will agree but I love a bench on a city median at night. There is something intoxicating about kissing in a public place with cars wizzing by on either side of you and still feeling like you are the only two people in the city. Plus the lights of the city are just sooo romantic. There is nothing like an evening stroll with your honey. And it’s free so more money for presents…hehe

Best new find in New York City in 2010?
Other than Shanna Sharp’s new album “Long Distance Calls from a One Night Stand”? haha.. I discovered the Museum of Sex in Manhattan recently. It is so much fun and really informative about how sex plays such a major role in society and media.

What’d you see there?
I really loved the progression of gay sex into the media. Also there is a floor on animal sex. Now being from Alabama, we don’t take to making out with farm animals kindly but there is this one “Amazonian” duck that has a very impressive member.

What are you working on next?
Performing with the Glamazons and touring with the new album in the spring.

Photo Credit: Jemma Evans

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