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  1. OMG! Those pics are fantastic! I am so totally UP for a nude beach vacation! Any takers?
    – James Mayes

  2. Well – what an American Centric list.
    What about: Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, West Bondi, Sydney,
    And the best in the Northern hemispere – Charinggay, Es Cavelett, Ibiza as for the southern Hemisphere Praia Mole, Florianopolis Brasil

  3. Hi,

    it’s a great post. There’s a famous/ infamous nudist/ gay beach in Brighton that needs covering.

    It has a fearsome reputation! I blog about Brighton, UK (and it’s not covered here) for a hotel and would love to get involved more with this site.

    Oscar, I’ve sent you a friend’s request so you could see what I’m up to.

    Here’s the link to the blog and to the short piece on Brighton’s nudist beach, sincerely not spam, yes it’s for a hotel, but there’s no other way I can contribute to the discussion!

    Cheers, I’ll get this shared on our new Facebook page.

  4. We love the nude beaches, but you have forgotten one very famous beach here in San Diego, It is Blacks Beach.

  5. Hey guys! These were some of our user’s favorite beaches, so America kind of ruled. However we did include lots more international beach hotspots (and Blacks Beach!) on our Top 10 Nude Beaches and Top 10 Gay Beaches round-ups.