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  1. You cannot go topless or nude at Bondi Beach – did you research this article at

    The unofficial gay section is the North end of the beach.

    However, the best nude beach in Sydney is Obelisk Beach which is on the North Shore of Sydney Harbour – its a bit of a hike down but it is sheltered with clean sand and (when the tide is in) clear clean water. Bushland around is notoriously cruisy.

  2. Thanks to Pewit. He is correct, boys. Don’t disrobe on the wrong end of the beach! The gay section of Bondi Beach is on the North end, and the further north you get the gayer (and fleshier) it gets. Have fun!

  3. Just to let ya know, the photo of the los Muertos beach scene in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is from my Gay Puerto Vallarta Travel Guide site,
    Glad to see that it’s considered one of the top ten beaches in the world, The beach and town are at least 4 or 5 times more popular than only 12-15 years ago, and I would call Vallarta probably the largest gay vacation resort area now in latin America for Americans and Canadians, plus the many gay mexicans who come from all over the country for the relaxing beach town atmosphere. The gay beach actually consists of the traditional Blue Chairs areas, which has been the gay beach for some 20 years+, in addition to the much larger Green Chairs area of the PV gay beach contiguous to the Blue Chairs. There was also a newer mostly gay beach area in front of the Playa del sol/Blue Seas condominiums, a stone’s throw from the Blue and Green chairs, but that beach front restaurant and bar run by Grant closed after this past winter season and has yet to open again….

  4. The foto of Bondi is of the south end

  5. Thanks for the heads up jab513, now we got a more accurate pic of North Bondi… and I’m happy to say it definitely brought sexy BACK!

  6. You guys are missing a great secret spot! Coquina Beach on North Carolinas’ Outer Banks!

  7. Coperbear

    You Forgot Haulover Beach in Miami, Florida!!!!!  Lots of gorgeous Latino guys there……….A real candy store for the eyes!!!!!!!

  8. Ian33324flanders

    haulover much better than  sebastian beach people much nicer sebastain too clicky 

  9. Frbenoit

    This list is a joke…on any given day, there are perhaps 30-40 gays guys
    at Sebastian Beach in FLL and 300-400 gay guys at Miami South Beach’s
    gay section.  

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  11. Anonymous

    Hello there…I am the guy on the Pic number 05.I am happy to see me here…LOL.
    Beijos from Brazil.
    Leonardo Oliveira

  12. marc

    You missed some of the most popular gay beaches…

    Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook NJ..nude and 5000 naked people on a hot summer weekend

    Haulover Beach, North Miami FL..nude and gay

    Crane Beach, Ipswich MA…1 1/2 mile walk to right of parking lot to gay section

  13. Clamshell

    So glad this leaves out Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown, so it may remain wild and free.

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  15. Anonymous

    qualcomm guy-still whacking at blacks?

  16. Anonymous