The 8 Best Clothing-Optional Resorts To Satisfy Your Inner Nudist

Aug 12, 2014

baskit Underwear - PoolSummer may be winding down, but there’s still time to book a last minute trip before Labor Day. And what better way to enjoy these final few weeks of warm weather and sunshine than by peeling off your shirt and shorts and relaxing by the pool at a clothing-optional gay resort?

From Key West to Palm Springs to Maui, there’s no shortage of hotels where you can strip down and be yourself. Or, if you’re feeling a little shy, at least oggle the other men in their birthday suits from the safety of your strategically-placed pool chair.

Check out these eight great clothing-optional gay resorts that will have you dropping trou faster than you can download the new Beyonce song…

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  16. Anonymous

    Why aren’t these guys naked in these pictures.

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  36. Anonymous

    Blue Moon Resort was closed last time i went to vegas

  37. Anonymous

    My name is david church i am gay i need two men to undress me and feel my body and make me cum

  38. Anonymous

    Amazing! In all clothing optional places men are ALL dressed!

  39. Anonymous

    My name is david church i like other guys undressing me and feeling my body

  40. Anonymous

    I like all photo

  41. Anonymous

    It’s closed