The 8 Best Clothing-Optional Resorts To Satisfy Your Inner Nudist

Aug 12, 2014

baskit Underwear - PoolSummer may be winding down, but there’s still time to book a last minute trip before Labor Day. And what better way to enjoy these final few weeks of warm weather and sunshine than by peeling off your shirt and shorts and relaxing by the pool at a clothing-optional gay resort?

From Key West to Palm Springs to Maui, there’s no shortage of hotels where you can strip down and be yourself. Or, if you’re feeling a little shy, at least oggle the other men in their birthday suits from the safety of your strategically-placed pool chair.

Check out these eight great clothing-optional gay resorts that will have you dropping trou faster than you can download the new Beyonce song…

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  1. Wayne in NYC

    How are you gonna do a photo story about NUDIST RESORTS with not one NUDE PHOTO in the entire story??? Bait & Switch at its worst!!

  2. Joel A. Brown

    Well, my two favorite GAY resorts are definitely included in this excellent list…the Island House in Key West & the Worthington Guesthouse in Ft. Lauderdale. Discretion reigns at both resorts & nudity is not appropriate for excellent resorts, it happens after dark, but photographically it’s better left UNSAID!! Quality prevails…so let it be, & quality it is at these resorts…ENJOY!!

  3. MuscleGuy

    Blue Moon is one of the best kept secrets of Las Vegas. I’ve been there multiple times and look forward to going back this Labor Day weekend. I also agree that Worthington Guesthouse complex(3 resorts in one) is fantastic along with many others in Fort Lauderdale. Palm Springs has many amazing resorts as well beyond the ones listed here. I’ve also been to a couple in Costa Rica along with Puerto Valletta, Mexico that are very nice as well.

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  6. Godabed

    these places don’t look inviting to me at all. I don’t even feel i need to say why.

  7. notafraidofchange

    InnDulge Palm Springs is one of the best kept secrets in PS!! Consistently excellent service and guaranteed relaxing stays! Been multiple times and look forward to my next visit to check out the new cooled, saltwater pool! Always something new here!

  8. Doug

    don’t think my inner nudist could fly ant any- didn’t look like anyone who goes to any of these gets nude-I’d be too self conscious if I was the only one PASS!

  9. Doug

    take out ‘ant’ no idea why I typed that :)

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  11. Gregory Hewitt

    This should be called, “The 8 Best Clothing-Optional Resorts in the US …”. Stop assuming the only people reading your articles are Americans.

  12. footwork61

    What is topical decor? Is there a Syria suite? Perhaps California drought? A fracking fitness center?

  13. alex

    judging by your pic your no prize Mary

  14. Chris

    I agree with Gregory! It is only within the USA! You might consider European clothing-optional B&Bsq, or even closer from the US, the Caribbean, where you have Villa Rainbow in St Martin, Little David in Aruba, etc!

  15. rob

    i’m with you on that.. all of the pics have them in trunks.. to me that doesn’t say “nudist resort” at all..

  16. Dylan

    Hmmmm All Worlds Resort in PS didn’t make it on this list!! I love that place to get real nasty with other men lol

  17. BosGuy

    Looks like someone went out of their way to find photos of only clothed, white twinks for a post meant to appeal to all gay men who like clothing optional resorts. Seems like a good idea gone terribly wrong.

    I have more revealing photos of time spent in Provincetown this summer and unlike this post you don’t need to be a white twink. Check out Ptown in the summer of 2015 guys. I think you’ll find it far more appealing.

  18. Randy Baldwin

    The vast majority of us are Americans, and those millions that come to visit us want to know too. Stop picking life to death and be happy.

  19. Gregory Hewitt

    “The vast majority of us are Americans” … who is “us” ?

  20. Patrick

    Blue Moon Resort in Vegas is not an all male resort. The couple of times I was there, there were women. Although they advertise “all male” they do not adhere to that.

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  23. Chip

    Blue Moon is CLOSED :(

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  25. mg

    Hey Dylan. Your right All Worlds was left out. I was there last year and had the best time of my life. Need to go back SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Cruise Guy

    Go to a foreign website, not a .com if you want gay resorts in Tim-buck-too.

  27. Mo

    There’s a difference between actually liking the place and pretending to like the place (because you can tell your friends). I don’t see any actual nude pictures and nudist come in all forms (not only hot young bodies). I’m not getting excited about these ads.

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