PHOTOS: 45 Years Of Gay Pride In 45 Amazing Images

Jun 17, 2014 by

Pride season is well underway. 2014 marks the 45th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots of 1969. To commemorate this historic year for Pride, we’ve compiled photos from past Pride celebrations, from the 1970s through today. The pictures illustrate how the movement has transformed over the decades, going from the grassroots “Christopher Street Liberation Day” to the widely-celebrated, corporate-sponsored spectacle Gay Pride has become today.

Scroll down to see pictures from gay prides of over the years.


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Photos From The '70s Gay Rights Protests (1)







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Lesbian & Gay Pride London 1985


Gay pride parade in Chicago, 1970s










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Gay Pride





Photo credits: Wikipedia, Tumblr, Google Images, Pinterest

  • jonjct

    i’m gay, i like men. what’s all this? and wtf does it have to do with being gay? looks creepy to me. looks creepy to most people i think. not helpful to the image of gays to have this kind of stuff out there labeled “gay”.

  • KGB

    I don’t think it looks creepy at all. I think many of the photos are endearing, some of them are empowering, all of them are prideful. This is just my opinion, but I think these are EXACTLY the kind of scenes that would be “helpful to the image of gays”–if such a thing even exists. There are 45 different images of different people at different times, all united in their pride. Some of the events might not be your cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean they are either creepy or detrimental to the movement.

  • DobieOwn

    it’s called Diversity. Everyone is not the same cookie cutter model that you prefer. Just be respectful of others.

  • Evji108

    Captions with dates on the pictures would have been easy to do and are essential to telling the story of these photos. Where the F are they? So frustrating.

  • Evji108

    If you don’t think some guy in a jockstrap on his hands and knees with a collar and a leash in a parade is detrimental to the gay pride movement, then you don’t know a thing about PR. The problem with a lot of gay pride parades is that they bring out the most extreme, trashy and exhibitionist type of people that may exhibit their particular niche in the gay community, but don’t represent much of the community as a whole. They have a right to be in the parade, but I don’t have to like it and I don’t have to keep my mouth shut about it to please the gay PC police.

  • Westaussie

    Jonjct, You wouldn’t be writing in such a forum, if it hadn’t been for these people. ” That’s GAY”

  • Nicholas

    Gay pride isn´t about asking straight people to accept us as “one of them”. GAY PRIDE ISN´T PR!!! As a queer person I´m not interested in a seal of approval from the “normality” in society which stigmatizes anything which deviates from an oppressive set of norms.

    In other words, who cares what straight people think about gay people?! Evji108 and jonjct…are you interested in stopping gay people from being persecuted? Because we won´t achieve that by appeasing bigots and trying to convince them we are just like them. STOP SEEKING THEIR APPROVAL! The world needs to understand that we have to do away with normal and we have to accept everyone…freaks/gimps/queens/queers/sissies. These people are glad they´re queer, and they´re shoving it in the world’s face. We should celebrate that! Not least because these “exhibitionists” have done a lot for the freedoms you enjoy as a queer.

  • V.Rose

    I’m a srt8, mature (hell, I’ll say it, I’m old), and I don’t think this is creepy. I see folks celebrating their unique lives in a joyful, humorous way. Don’t forget the generations preceding ours, that the GLBT community had to hide.

  • Wras

    Except gay isn’t so much about sexuality as who you love. It’s ignorant at this point to make an effort to associate homosexuality as an actually sexual thing.

    Everyone is sexual.

    That’s a human condition thing. Not a homosexual condition. Pride shouldn’t be about celebrating sexuality. Granted I think that deserves it’s own unique parade and it would be AMAZING. I really do think society needs to stop being so hyper sensitive about what is and isn’t offensive. Being offended doesn’t entitle you to anything.

    Pride is about not being afraid to be you. That guy is the gay equivalent of that hyper hetero affirmative broseph. It’s annoying and vulgar no matter what creed orientation race or gender it takes. I personally feel like they’re social parasites taking energy and time away from people. I love sex too. But I don’t need it constantly affirmed.

    TL;DR? Why are the stupid people making all our societal and cultural choices?

  • nicholas

    I´m not sure I really get what you mean. Do you object to Pride events being overtly sexual, which you think distracts from what being gay is REALLY about?

    I don´t think pride events are even about people who are gay. It´s celebrating queerness. And being queer is a LOT more than just about who you love. it´s about how you choose to exist in society, resisting the pressure of the normativity under which we all suffer. Don´t you think that this standard of normality in society has played some part in you describing the people in the above picture as “annoying and vulgar”? It sounds like YOU´RE the offended one. “social parasites”?! c´mon…that sort of dehumanizing language doesn´t belong to our time.

    Where does this conformity come from? It comes from a heteronormative society largely controlled by a white, male, heterosexual elite. Being heterosexual is unfortunately about a LOT more than who you love.

    The people above are celebrating this sort of behaviour precisely for the reason you call them vulgar.

    Also, I don´t know….I think being queer, even gay, has a lot to do with sexuality. Most of the self-identified gay people I know enjoy very different sexual practices than most “straight” people (group sex/ multiple partners/ open relationships/ more experimental sex). All of which I think can be very positive things.

    Sure, it´s all about love…but until we can all practice love more freely, we need exhibitionists..the more vulgar the better!