PHOTOS: Israeli Gays Make Tel Aviv Pride Celebration Its Biggest And Hottest Ever

Jun 16, 2014


Israel’s booming beachside hotspot of Tel Aviv celebrated its biggest
Pride ever on Friday, with some 150,000 people taking part in its
steamy summer solstice parade and festival. The jubilant parade began
as usual at the city’s Me’ir Park, but took a new route this year to
hug the main beachfront before emptying out into Charles Clore Beach
for the afternoon and early evening festival. Performers included such
well known Israeli LGBT icons as Dana International, winner of the
1998 Eurovision Song Contest.

TLVFest, the city’s popular annual LGBT film event also happened
simultaneously, with gay indie darling Tanner Cohen (Getting Go: The
Go Doc Project) serving as one of this year’s festival judges.

All week long the city’s preferred gay sandy hangout, Hilton Beach,
offered up a series of daytime beach parties. Numerous nighttime
parties of course also went down around town in Tel Aviv’s exploding
gay scene, with local superclub FFF holding the biggest bash on Friday
night to close out the week.

Check out pics of the largest Pride parade in the Mideast with a large assortment of guys…

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  • Dakota

    It hasn’t gotten alot of media attention (the Right would be going bat s-it crazy) but the US Embassy in Tel Aviv flew an LGBT rainbow

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  • Ogre Magi

    You won’t see anything like that anywhere else in the Middle East

  • mention


  • sJames6621

    lets remember that if it was held in Jerusalem the orthodox would have a fit. A couple orthos in the Knesset in 2009 said “gays are like bird flu”

    Those people are the Jewish taliban calling for the murder of the gays who shared hitlers ovens with those Jews close relatives

    BTW gays cannot get married in Israel because the orthos control marriage for Jews Several attempts to pass a civil marriage law have failed

  • Scotsman

    ♥ Israel & Tel Aviv.

  • CharlestheGreat

    Of course the QuAIA will hate this. Hold one in Gaza then! We are all waiting.

  • CharlestheGreat

    and you are blaming all Jews and Israel the state never did this? It is very clear the QuAIA can’t stand this, hold one in Gaza or Iran, they seem to approve of these nations.

  • CharlestheGreat

    I spent two years in Israel and Tel Aviv pride is one of the best I’ve been to, given Toronto will be a disaster.

  • CharlestheGreat

    Also, Israel leaves marriage up to Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Not just jews. Given Marriages outside of Israel are recognized state. It is clear you have no idea on Israeli law other then the BS of the QuAIA. Have a Pride in Gaza then. We are all waiting! We are told how LGBT friendly Hamas is by you’re kind. Stop Pinkwashing !

  • mention

    Haha! If Israel let Palestinians hold such an event in Gaza, it might be considered! We are all waiting!

  • CharlestheGreat

    wow! Hamas runs Gaza not Israel. Then again they are the ones who ban it not Israel. We see how dumb you are.

  • Goodboy

    Ha. Yes because they would treat them so warmly I’m sure.

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  • JWTraveler

    Several years the leaders of Judaism, Islam, Christianity and Eastern Orthodoxy in Jerusalem put aside their religious differences to unite in their hatred for homosexuals. There was a picture of them in the NY Times. Homophobia is the great unifier. Let’s celebrate religious diversity!

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