PHOTOS: Hot Muscle Studs Keep Us Motivated To Stay Fit This Holiday Season

Dec 11, 2013

The holiday season is officially upon us, but that’s no excuse to let the ‘ol gay belly go soft as whipped cream on pumpkin pie.

To keep you motivated this December, we’ve compiled some of our favorite pics of men pumping iron and showing off their muscles. Remember what Britney said, boys: “You wanna hard body? You better work, b*tch!”

Scroll down to see the sexy studs for motivation. And remember them the next time you go for that second piece of pie.

(above) photo credit tsminteractive.

Photo credit: JLM Photography.

Photo credit: A&A Photography Services.

Photo credit: Picstopin.

Photo credit: Fitness SF.

Photo credit: Fitness SF.

Photo credit: befittacomabootcamp.

Photo credit: Fitness SF.

Photo credit: Fitness SF.

Photo credit: Fitness SF.

Photo credit: tsminteractive.

Photo credit: Debut Industries.

Photo credit: Fitness SF.

 Photo credit: SodaHead.

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  1. ted

    Inspired I am…

  2. Daniel Johnson

    Hey Santa!! All I want for Christmas is this Hunk.