PHOTOS: SF Gets Even Kinkier At Dore Alley

Jul 31, 2013 by


Neither cold nor fog put a damper on Folsom Street Fair’s smaller and dirtier sister, Dore Alley, in San Francisco this past weekend.   Hundreds of kink enthusiasts dressed up and down for the daytime action of Up Your Alley and the many after parties that followed late into the night.  Here are some pictures that prove at this yearly San Francisco event, any and everything goes.

photos credit SFist

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  • Brian Apple

    These people look gross and disgusting.

  • David_Gervais

    Is that a dead animal on the shoulders of the guy in the top pic?
    THAT’S disgusting.

  • unclemike

    Maybe you should stop judging people you don’t know, Brian…

  • Russell

    Looks totally HOT.

  • Russell

    Thank god you won’t be there, then

  • La La La…

    Events like this have given a bad name to all gay people: ” PERVS “.

  • Matt

    I don’t see anything any kinkier than any other Folsom Street Fair or Up Your Alley event. Nice headline but nothing to back it up.

  • rhinoHI

    The BDSM scene in SF is full of white nerds. People who watch Game of Thrones and enjoy Renaissance fairs.

  • BlogZilla

    I don’t get it. Isn’t Folsom Fair enough? This kind of stuff wouldn’t offend me if it weren’t for things like human toilet, drinking piss, etc. That just goes to far. Do they shit on each other too at events like this?

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  • BlogZilla

    I find these people gross. What they don’t tell you is that some of these people also like to drink urine by the glass full and eat feces and think it’s cool. They’re also into masochism to the point of drawing blood, etc.

    Wow, what a classy bunch.

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