PHOTOS: Hunky Jesus Contest Brings Good Old-Fashioned Sacrilege Back to San Francisco

Apr 10, 2012

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  1. Copher William

    I am insulted that you would even cover the “Hunky Jesus Contest”.  It’s a sacriledge and insults the gay image that not all gays are going to HELL.  I happen to b3e gay…but I’m also a Christian and hope you burn in hell for such stupid reporting.  You sent the gay equality movement in the Christian community back 40 years…Thanks a lot!

  2. Scuba6randy

    I don’t understand this hunky Jesus contest. I am gay and a christian, and I am offended on both levels. I see nothing wrong with having a sexy man contest on Easter, but to dress up as Jesus Christ on the celebrated day of His resurrection for the purpose of celebrating human sensuality/sexuality just seems very wrong to me. As a gay man, I am appalled that other gay people would stoop to such levels and as a christian, I am offended that my Savior is the object of such sacrilege. While I believe that Christ died on the cross for everyone’s sins, I don’t believe that He nor his act is something to be made light of, poked fun at, or sexualized. To dress as the crucified Christ is wrong on so many levels, Though not everyone believes in Christ as I do, Roman crucifixion was a horrible torturous death inflicted on many in occupied territories of the Roman Empire. These people are not only making light of Jesus’ death but many others who died at the cruel hands of the Romans. Think about it this way, you wouldn’t have a sexy nazi concentration camp victim contest, would you?

  3. Jim

    Why would a Christian want anyone to burn in Hell? It’s not Christ-like behavior whether you believe Christ was the son of God, a wise historical figure or a figment of someone’s imagination. . Christ taught a message of love. Never read where he told anyone to burn. Equality means everyone’s view is heard and (at the very least) tolerated. That is what being a Christian really means. More importantly,it’s what being a good human means. If Jesus had gone off the way you did,I’m thinking he would apologize and try to be more Christ-like.

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