The Top 29 Things Pam Ann Hates About New York Fashion Week

Feb 14, 2012

21. Rachel “eating disorder” Zoe’s whiny voice and self-importance. I’m looking forward to her playing E.T. in the 3D remake.

22. Mind numbing fashion tweets: @Brad Goreski: “Feathers at Ralph Lauren,” @Bryan Boy: “Here at phillip lim backstage.” @Roopal Patel: “Rodarte!!!! Inspired by Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.”

23. Brad Goreski Why why WHY are these people given TV shows? Stop it, Bravo! Andy Cohen must be fucking him.

24. 2012 Fashion trends: Romantic silhouettes, tribal prints, military looks with drama. Also, color blocking, leather in spring, bright bold colors paired in unconventional ways. Fark Orf!

25. Dining at Pastis.  I’d rather set myself on fire and run up and down 14th Street than eat there during Fashion Week.

26. The Meatpacking District period. Where’s Al Qaeda when you need them?

27. Reductive is the new black.

28. David Beckham’s underwear. Eeek!

29. Kim Kardashian. Can someone please go over to her house, brick up the windows and turn on the gas? Please? Anyone?


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