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GayCities Members report that Aragon Inn has closed

Capture Zen at Aragon Inn--or find it in the nearby nightlife
The (very small) Aragon Inn is situated within walking distance of Wilton Manors bars and restaurants. Formerly a house that has been converted into a guesthouse, amenities include suites and pool "casitas."

Tags: Wi-Fi Internet, Food, Swimming Pool, Bed & Breakfast, Gay-owned

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2520 NE 6th Ave
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33305

(954) 566-2900


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  •   closed
    gayfl33334 ·

    September 8, 2012

  • eheming1042 is now a fan

    August 14, 2012

  • eheming1042 gave this place *

    June 13, 2012

  •   Losers from the start
    Edbear ·

    January 16, 2012

    I didnt get a chance to see if the website was truthful or how bad the property is. The freakin losers would not extend the courtesy of a response to request for reservation by email (twice) or by telephone. Maybe they dont care since there is a youtube realty video trying to sell the dump. One of the losers even answered and said he would let me know by 5 pm since i was trying to get an answer before i lost availabilty at Wilton manor inn. Maybe they are drunks or something. Im a travel agent and this no way to run a hotel. Its been a whole week and still no reply. Better off at cabana
  • LoverFighter825 is now a fan

    November 29, 2011

  • Fitz4All is now a fan

    May 26, 2011

  •   Website is a complete lie. Buyer beware!
    hurlowrowlands ·

    May 24, 2011

    Review of Aragon Inn I stayed at the Aragon Inn at the end of April 2011. Let me put it this way. Its in a nice location. For those of you who have shopped for a house, if the first (and only) thing the realtor says is its in a nice location, then generally the house itself doesnt have many positive attributes to brag about. My experience was extremely disappointing. I will certainly never stay there again. I paid $129/night for a room. Id consider that mid-range, and would have expected accommodations similar to Worthington, Elysium, etc. It definitely is not in the same ballpark. Its more in the EconoLodge / Motel 6 ballpark in terms of accommodations. Let me state my reasons: 1)Website is an outright lie. Ok, I have stayed at other places and seen how they have creatively staged photographs to make a pool look larger or a landscaped terrace more impressive. That sort of exaggeration, albeit mildly deceiving, is legitimate. However, what the Aragon has done with their website is downright criminal. Its not an exaggeration. Its a lie. Many of the photographs displayed on the website were not even taken on the Aragon property! If youve stayed at the Aragon, you can easily compare the inconsistencies between the neighboring properties. Furthermore, the website states there are two pools. There is only one pool. The only other water feature was a 3-foot diameter birdbathcould that possibly be the second pool? 2)Breakfast is abysmal. Ok, if you tell me upfront you dont serve breakfast, I can deal with that and plan accordingly. However, when your website brags about a generous continental breakfast that begins with fresh-squeezed Florida orange juice, then its downright criminal that the only offering for breakfast is CapriSun and fig newtons. Granted, none of the Fort Lauderdale gay guesthouses have IHOP-type breakfasts, but how can you try to pass off CapriSun foil pouches as fresh-squeezed orange juice? Additionally, I was told that breakfast would be served from 9am til noonish. I showed up one morning at 11am, and everything was already put away. 3)Refrigerator in the room did not work. Being a geek, I carry a thermometer on my rain jacket, typically to see how hot it is outside. Well, I became suspicious when I pulled bottled water out of my fridge and it seemed lukewarm at best. I cranked the fridge up to max, set the thermometer inside, and checked it again in the morning. 57 degrees! I also had chicken salad and pumpkin bread in the fridge. I threw the chicken salad away. The pumpkin bread had mold on it within three days. I mentioned the faulty fridge to the staff. They said I could put my food in the kitchen in the office. However, the kitchen in the office is locked from 5pm until 9am. Not exactly convenient for late night munchies. 4)Room and grounds are not clean. When I arrived, I couldnt help but notice the ashtray outside my door, in which four cigarette butts were floating in water. Those same four waterlogged cigarette butts were still sitting in the flooded ashtray three days later when I checked out. My bathroom wall had numerous odd spatters above and beside the sink. These remained for my entire stay as well. I have no confidence in the cleanliness of the linens/bedspread, etc. 5)No washcloths. I checked in around 5pm. I didnt discover there were no washcloths in the room until I went to shower around 7pm. All staff had already left for the day, so I made due without. The next morning I asked for washcloths and I was given one. I took a shower and left the washcloth on the floor of the shower to indicate it was soiled. It was removed by the staff but not replaced. I asked again for a washcloth, and was told we dont have any, but you can have a hand towel. Showering with a hand towel is an odd experience. Why cant they even get the basics right? 6)Noisy. The walls are very thin. In fact, my room apparently used to be two adjoining rooms with a walk-through. The walk-through area was patched with a slab of 1.5 inch thick styrofoam. Then a huge curtain/drape was hung on the wall to give the impression of a window, covering the styrofoam. Needless to say, I heard every one of my neighbors conversations (both on his phone, and with his visitors). On the flip side, at one time I heard some considerable moaning, and I suspected he was jerking-off, so I decided to explore the poor sealing of the Styrofoam. It turned out my neighbor was getting focked, and I was able to peep on him for about 30 minutes, with him none the wiser. 7)Locked Gate. By the time I stayed, there actually is a lock on the gate. However, many guys simply propped it open for their late night visitors.
  •   Peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.
    fatherfigure ·

    February 3, 2011

    I recently spent a few days at the Aragon Inn and don't usually take time to write reviews. However, I've read a couple of negative reviews and can't understand how things could have gone so bad for those individuals. If you check into the Ritz, then expect to pay Ritz prices, for which you can expect Ritz quality accommodations and service. I did not pay Ritz prices, however my room was very comfortable and in line with my expectations, given the reasonable room pricing. I had a great stay at the Aragon and didn't have any negative experiences whatsoever. In terms of the environment I was quite pleased with pool area, including the cute little casitas that enveloped it at one end. The property is a little older, but in line with the rest of the neighborhood, The property is well cared for and kept very clean. I also enjoyed the other guests and was lucky enough to meet someone that I plan to keep in touch with. Everyone was friendly, including the staff and owners, Tony & Bruce. I don't travel often to the southern end of our beautiful state, but always enjoy myself when I do. I had a great time on my recent trip to Fort Lauderdale and the Aragon Inn. I like to try new places when I travel, so I may stay somewhere else on my next trip to Fort Lauderdale. This is not because I wasn't happy with my accommodations at The Aragon, but because I like to experience new places and new things. Cheers.
  •   thank you guys had a great time
    fortino ·

    February 2, 2011

    I had initially booked at another resort not far away from the Aragon Inn and spend one week there and was disapppointed and discovered the Aragon Inn. I moved over to this resort and spend another two full weeks at the Inn. Both Tony and Bruce were very pleasant and the hospitality was exceptional. The pool was heated,, hot and very clean. It is not a very big pool and perfect to enjoy it. When I wanted a bigger place to swim in I would go to the beach not far away and even used a bike to get there. The breakfast was good and plentiful, and the guys even put on BQs and provided drinks which was not on the menu. The bed was very comfortable and room was big and had all I needed for my stay. I did not want room service everyday but told them to give me clean towels daily and when I wanted room service I would request it. The internet worked most of the time but once did have to ask them to re-boot the server. The Aragon Inn is close to all bars and clubs and even the Green hopper was available with free transportation to get around Wilton Manors.. I have to say over all loved my stay at this inn and will return again soon. thanks guys..I suspect some previous comments are probably linked to bad weather and blamed it on the inn..That is out of anyone's control!!! thanks again guys see you soon. I will recommend the Aragon Inn to my friends in Canada.
  • fortino is now a fan

    February 2, 2011

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