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Steamworks - Ottawa *

GayCities Members report that Steamworks - Ottawa has closed

At least it's close to CP
If you're familiar with the Steamworks chain, beware. This is NOT a part of that chain and the venue is not anywhere near on par with the quality you might expect otherwise. Still, in a pinch, it can scratch an itch. Three levels, amenities include showers, lockers, rooms, sauna, hot tub, some video screens, an open play area and glory holes. Busiest times are on weekend nights from 1-4am, and on weekday early evenings.

487 Lewis Street (Between Bank and O'Connor Streets)
Ottawa, ON

(613) 230-8431
Changed hours... not open 24 hours anymore


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  • March 4, 2015

  •   Never again.
    jackyottawa ·

    January 9, 2014

    I've only been to this place once and it was just awful. A friend of mine convinced me to go, and I begrudgingly went. We went fairly early in the day, but it was deserted. The whole place smelled rancid, like there was rotting meat somewhere in the building. We got a double room to share, and played around for only 5 - 10 minutes before the smell got to us. To add insult to injury, there was mold growing right above our heads. We were out of there faster than we got in. We didn't even bother arguing for a refund. We just wanted to get the hell out. I won't return to Steamworks Ottawa, and I cannot recommend it to anyone.
  •   Like many other customers…"Disatisfied by by their inane policies."
    Anibalinski ·

    December 3, 2013

    If there was a - Star I'll give it here. I agree with most been said: " the room felt and looked like we were walking into a homeless shelter". The worst part is though the hygiene factor. BEWARE!! Enter at your own risk…Most of all, the 3rd. Floor with glory holes and carpet is really a Sci-Fi experiment of growing bacteria and what else…You name it!
  •   Terrible.
    mrarchitect ·

    October 6, 2013

    I just left on a Saturday night to check out Steamworks in Ottawa. It was very much dead and a great disappointment. Obviously it cannot compare to the saunas in larger cities, but I was extremely dissatisfied. Not only did the staff worker lie to me that they were busy, but the facilities are extremely outdated and poorly maintained. Rusted lockers, gross looking rooms, and far too much space for what seemed to be a "busy" night - which really consisted of a handful of less than 15 men in their 50s lurking around. I was very unimpressed, and when I asked for a refund they were very rude about it. Unlike other saunas I have been, they would allow for a refund if you are not satisfied. Unfortunately they have lost a customer by their inane policies. Overall the large spaces have great potential, but I don't think Ottawa's gay scene really allows for an active men's sauna. This place should really be reconsidered in even existing.
  •   gay couple 32and 38
    patandrock ·

    April 18, 2013

    We are two guys and went to steamworks this week lots of older man 55 and over hope to see younger man will go see 1 more time on the 20th of april 2013 or on the 21hoping to see younger guys I HOPEEE
  •   Not impressed...
    macnation ·

    October 8, 2012

    I usually try not to be a negative person... Forgive me but I have to break that trend today. My partner and I went up to Steamworks because we wanted to check it out. First drive by was alright, the door was plain with STEAMWORKS engraved on the door. When we got in the first thing that was a turn off is that they do not accept interact, so the very nice man at the front entrance let us in to use the ATM. We paid and went up to our room, stripped down and went out to explore. Here is the list of pros and cons that I found... unfortunately the cons out balance the pros. - While yes the floors were clean and the sheets were fresh, the room felt and looked like we were walking into a homeless shelter. -The locker was rusted in the room, the walls were a bright beige colour and looked like they haven't been painted since the place opened. The ceiling tiles were gross and there was dust and crap in the air vent. -The hallways are actually nice, the floors are ceramic, the decor is ok and it looked decent. -2nd floor bathroom/shower/wet sauna: The bathroom its self was nice and bright and in decent shape. The one shower stall however looked like a shower from a horror movie, the tap was broken off at the handle, there was mould on the tile surrounding it, and the anti slip mats were slimy. I walked into the wet sauna and had to run back out. It smelt like a mould and mildew and old cum. -3rd floor: Ok it is dark there is a tv area with some decent seating, and on the other side there is a lot of glory hole stalls. -1st floor: A bunch of lockers a large updated group shower area (mind you there were condom wrappers on the floor and it did smell funky) There is a hot tub.. mind you I did not dare get in it. It is a newer hot tub but it is small and only fits like 4-6 people max. The dry sauna was awesome! just the right temperature and very relaxing. There is a tv lounge that is nicely decorated on the first floor too. -in total we saw 5-6 people MAX in the entire building it was very dead. -The atmosphere is not comfortable at all, we ended up leaving after only being there 40 minutes, we were not even in the sexual mood anymore because the place just turned us off. In short... I will never go there again EVER, and would suggest anyone who is heading to Ottawa and wants to visit a sauna to stay away from this one. The most positive point of the entire 40 minutes was the very nice staff member at the front desk. If you just need a place to get your rocks off and already have someone with you to do it with and are going to be too busy just pleasuring yourself to not notice the run down disgustingness then by all means head on over. Improvement notes: Turn up the heat a little, play better music, paint your lockers, paint the rooms, scrub your tiles... if you do this you will get more people in there and then I will come back for a visit.
  •   okish
    hotdraco ·

    April 23, 2011

    Nothing like the Montreal saunas but good if u wanna get laid!
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