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Sometimes it's hard to be gay. In September, for instance, we have to chose between Southern Decadence in New Orleans, Vegas Pride, and Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. If you have to chose one, which would it be and why?

Asked by hounie2000 6 years ago ago

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  • I agree with some of the replies...definitely skip vegas pride.. Southern Decadence that's were all the fun is by far guys....
    Answered by Jerzy 6 years ago ago.
  • I used to live in Vegas, it's Pride is no big deal, actually Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington Pride festivals are SO much better. Folsom Street Fair is okay if you are into Straight Fetishes, but not so much for us Gay Men, for the Gay version of Folsom, go in July for Dore Alley! Southern Decadence is BY FAR the Number 1 choice for Gay Events in September. The Booze is flowing in the Bars and on the Streets (All bars serve drinks in plastic To Go Cups, and many bars have "Walk-Up To Go Windows"). The New Orleans Bears Club (NOBBTSC) also hosts Bear Decadence at the same time and you can register for 5 days of events (Including Drinks and several Meals) for less than $100. The Gay and Bear owned B&Bs are all within walking distance of all the events and much cheaper than ANY hotel because they don't charge Hotel Taxes (This year, I only paid $345 for my Room from August 31 to September 7). Decadence includes Contests open to all participants no matter where your from (Sire Ursus, Decadent Cub, Best Hairy Beard, Belly, Chest & Butt, etc.). There are Pool Parties every day, several block parties, Beer & Liquor Bust every day, Bar-B-Ques, Parades, Tours, All night Dance Parties, and at least two Bars (The Infamous "Rawhide" and The Eagle) that don't even allow Women or Drag Queens in them ... No Matter What!!!! Most of the Pool Tables are occupied by Balls that don't have Numbers on them and Sticks that you would use Lube on instead of Chalk. Decadent? Yeah! Hence the Name! There is deffinately something for everyone, Twinks, Models, Porn Stars, Bears, Leathermen and Cowboys are everywhere you look and are all very nice and hospitable, unlike the Snobbish SF and Vegas Crowds. I have made Lifelong friends at Southern Decadence and refuse to miss out on my Favorite Event of the year. This will be our 5th year in a row, including the year of Hurricane Gustav!
    Answered by jlaneor65 6 years ago ago.
  • Absolutely Southern Decadence!!!This will be my 15th year in a row in attendance, and there is something and someone for everybody! The pool table @ Rawhide is infamous!
    Answered by THOMDADDY 6 years ago ago.
  • Definitely Southern Decadence, New Orleans. Each year when we get home after Decadence, we can't wait to get back to New Orleans. And Decadence is one helluva a great time.
    Answered by SilverV 6 years ago ago.
  • I'm with Dan, I've done Folsom Street Fair before and I want to get sleazy in the Big Easy. I'm down for Southern Decadence!
    Answered by MattTwoTee 6 years ago ago.
  • Southern Decadence it's 24hr fun and sleeze what more could one want
    Answered by Denvergoatee 6 years ago ago.
  • Personally I would choose Dore Alley over Folsom, pending how much you are/are not really into leather. Folsom tends to be more of a spectacle (a lot of general public walking the event, like even baby strollers passing thru), where as Dore is more participatory and focused. Decadence will be a good time, but be prepared to smoother from the heat - it's sure to please. Consider attending MAL in DC, it's like a mini version of IML.
    Answered by markgordonnow 6 years ago ago.
  • Definitely Decadence! It's everything rolled into one. A little bit for everyone.
    Answered by Pawest24 6 years ago ago.
  • Id go to Folsom just cause I love SF. But setting aside the city, i'd wanna hit Southern Decadence. There's more to do if you're not into getting paddled or walking around in chaps.
    Answered by daverydcny 6 years ago ago.
  • I'd narrow it down to Southern Decadence or Folsom St. Fair. Personally I'd do Southern Decadence, but if you're into the leather scene, Folsom will definitely not disappoint...Vegas Pride? Not so much...
    Answered by DTracer 6 years ago ago.
  • Begin the month at SD New Orleans and end the month at Folsom in between.
    Answered by RandT 4 years ago ago.
  • Southern Decadence is great if you don't mind sweating like a cheap whore on's opressively hot and humid... once so bad you couldn't breathe...I've never felt heat like that in my life and I've lived in St.Pete for 27 years... it's a hot unlike anything you've ever felt. I've been to 3 SD's and there will not be a 3rd... if you want a great time, go there for mardi gras when it's in February or early March.. I went to 9 Mardi Gras ina row, and only the last one I attended 2003 did the weather suck. Don't wander outside the quarter unless your in a group of a half dozen, in a cab or armed. LA is a reciprocal state, so your CWP from florida is valid.
    Answered by TheJudge 6 years ago ago.
  • san francisco
    Answered by dreamluxury 6 years ago ago.
  • Def Southern Decadence & Dore over Folsom if you wanna Play. I've tried Vegas Pride a couple times and I want to be a fan... but I'm not.
    Answered by girlmoxie 6 years ago ago.
  • I would not overlook Vegas Pride, which is awesome because the whole city suddenly become a gay city alongside all the other awesome fun things about vegas: amazing hotels, slots, free buffets, and, well, you know...
    Answered by bullseye 6 years ago ago.
  • i've done folsom many times.. fun fun fun ;-) never been to decadence.. but i've heard HOT stories.. im in california and vegas pride sounds dull. i guess it all depends on what ur into n looking for. folsom street in a blast. the city is great then at night.. the bars are hot and fun. as far as what place to pick.. folsom n decadence are top priority.
    Answered by spinmaster 6 years ago ago.
  • I've been to all three. Skip Vegas Pride. Southern Decadence is Labor Day weekend and Folsom is the last Sunday in September. Go to both, I used to! Alright, alright, if I had to pick I would absolutely go to Southern Decadence and not think twice about it. Why? Decadence is 4 days, Folsom is only 10 hours! I would say that the amount of sex to be had is equal, however...New Orleans, the French Quarter, is a great part of our country with a lot of character and charm, not to mention the nicest people I've met. The bars there are frisky, as well as the middle of the street...the best bar Raw Hide, it's on St. Anne and all I can say about that place is that if you go inside, prepare to come! Also New Orleans has great drinking laws meaning you can walk up and down the streets with it as long as it's in a plastic cup. Get the Hand Grenade, it's got Everclear in it :). I have to mention a few things about Folsom since it's mentioned. For the record, it's tons more fun than Dore because it is a spectacle! That's part of the fun. If you're into the hard core leather then go inside to a few of the bars that line Folsom, such as Powerhouse and Hole in the Wall, you can get pretty nasty in there. In addition there's ALWAYS sex parties in a few of the apartments that are in front of the street fair on Folsom. If you like bathhouses and want a good time on Saturday night before Folsom, then head over to Berkeley Steamworks and prepare to stay you're full 8 hours. Enjoy!
    Answered by HappyD 6 years ago ago.