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Friday Sep 29, 2017 in Memphis, 1 person are in

Jacksonville Pride

Saturday Sep 30, 2017 in Jacksonville, 8 people are in

Asheville Pride

Saturday Sep 30, 2017 in Asheville - :am, 3 people are in

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  • Walking The Castro with a Local Expert!
    I somehow navigated my way through all forms of public transport and found myself in The Castro on a Friday. It's like a super-gay theme park down there and you can wander around aimlessly on your own, just scratching the surface. I was hanging out in the Harvey Milk Plaza getting shots here and there and noted that a woman was talking to a guy with a huge video camera. I followed at a distance and figured out they were talking about the kind of tour I had wanted to book during my planning for the trip. So I grabbed Kathy and tore her away from the videographer long enough to squeeze the where and when of the next scheduled tour from her and continued with the stuff I had going on that day. That night I booked the tour on her website. Bright and early on Saturday with unexpectedly good weather I met Kathy and began to explore the history and folklore of GLBT Main Street with a total expert. Kathy is a virtual storehouse of information. And she knows everyone. It's freaky but we must have encountered a dozen people on the tour and exchanged pleasantries. Saturday morning in The Castro is super laid back and chill and was the perfect time to tour. I have done 100s of walks in Los Angeles and London and this one stacks right up there with the best I've been on. I thought The Castro would be like a theme park, but with Kathy's expertise you see immediately it is like a very small village where everyone knows your name. Do Not Miss this tour. It is .... Fabulous.

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